Excel News Letter 11-Jan-18


1. Ctrl+Z   Undo

2. Ctrl+Y   Redo

3. Ctrl+C   Copy

4. Ctrl+V   Paste

5. Ctrl+S   Save

6. Ctrl+N   New Workbook

7. Ctrl+O   Open

8. Ctrl+F   Find

9. Ctrl+P   Print

10. Ctrl+A   Select All

Calculate Running Totals In Excel With Pivot Tables.

A tally or a running total can be carried out on data in Excel with a range of formulas, but it is really easy to do the same thing simply, with a pivot table. Let’s use an example with some random sales data. If you are wondering what is a pivot table- you might want to start here.

How To Easily Edit Excel Formulas In a Dialog Box.

Not sure about you, but I find it really annoying when you are editing a formula in a dialog box, and you try to move the cursor by pressing the arrow keys, and Excel decides to insert a cell reference in your formula rather than moving the cursor to the part of the formula you want to edit. Grrrrrr!!

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